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Barron County, Wisconsin -

Soil & Water Conservation Department

Our mission is to promote, assist and implement wise land use decisions in order to protect and sustain Barron County’s soil, water and other natural resources.

Soil & Water Conservation Programs

2015 SWCD Newsletter

2015 Conservation Calendar

Agriculture Programs & Services
  • Agriculture Performance Standards
  • SWCD Cost Sharing
  • NRCS
  • Wisconsin Farmland Preservation
  • Manure Storage Ordinance
  • Conservation Walkover
  • Wildlife Damage
  • Transect Survey
  • Mulching
  • Technical Assistance

  • Information and Education
  • Conservation Camp
  • Poster Contest
  • Speaking Contest
  • Sixth Grade Tour

Land and Water Resource Management Plan

NR135 - Non Metallic Mining
  • Barron County Non-Metallic Mining Ordinance
  • Non-Metallic Mining - Zoning & NR135 Requirments Fact Sheet
  • Request for Non-Metallic Mining Approval in Zoned Townships
  • Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation Permit Application
  • Non-Metallic Mining Checklist for Reclamation Plan Review

Trees and the Tree Program Information

  • Lake Districts
  • Lake Associations

The Natural Resources of Barron County

What Can I Do At My House?
  • Rain Gardens
  • Rain Barrels

Annual Calendar of Events
Soil & Water Conservation Department Annual Calendar of Events

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