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Barron County, Wisconsin -


The role of the Environmental Health Department in regards to swimming pools and hot tubs is to ensure the absence of any hazards that may have a negative impact on the health and safety of the general public.  The Environmental Health Department provides consultation to pool operators and the public to limit the spread of waterborne illnesses and prevent general injuries. 

Please view the following links to learn more about the regulations regarding pools and hot tubs, and how to apply for a permit.

Attached Document or File CDC Healthy Swimming/Recreational Water  
Attached Document or FileChapter Comm 90 Appendix  
Attached Document or FileChapter Comm 90 Design and Construction of Public Swimming Pools and Water Attractions  
Attached Document or FileDeath and Injury Report Form  
Attached Document or FileFecal_Accident_Report_Form  
Attached Document or FileLifeguard_Staffing_Plan  
Attached Document or FileMonthly Swimming Pool Report Form  
Attached Document or FilePool Code DHS 172  
Attached Document or FileVirginia Graeme Baker Act  
Attached Document or FilePool Permit Application  

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