Waste-to-Energy Plant Management Presentation & Questions - ZAC, Inc.
Friday, May 12, 2017 at 7:55 AM
At the Monday, May 15th Barron County Board of Supervisors meeting, ZAC, Inc. will present it's responses to the thirty-five questions developed by the County Board regarding management of the Waste-to-Energy Plant.  Also presenting at the meeting is Ayres Associates.  Ayres Associates will present it's responses to County Board Supervisors questions of April 17, 2017 regarding a long term feasibility study for the Barron County Waste-to-Energy Facility.  The questions and responses can be viewed by visiting the links below.
Attached Document or FileCounty Board Packet - May 15, 2017 Meeting  Including Ayres Associates Presentation and Questions
Attached Document or FileZAC, Inc. Presentation and Questions