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Tourist Rooming House
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tourist Rooming House's What You Need to Know in Barron County
By Barron County Administrator, Jeff French.

Tourist Rooming Houses, that is, the short term rental of real property is becoming more popular as a mechanism to offset the cost of homeownership. The Barron County Land Use Ordinance, effective April 19th, 2006, Section 17.08, defines a Tourist Rooming House as; “The use of a single or two family dwelling for the purpose of providing or furnishing overnight lodging accommodations to the public for a period of less than one month to any person(s) who occupies the property on a rental basis.” Tourist Rooming Houses are a Special Exception allowable in the Land Use Ordinance, Section 17.36 (3) (c) 5 and as such they are approved by the Board of Adjustment, BOA, through a public hearing process and upon which a Special Exception is granted. The granting of a Special Exception approval by the BOA, is contingent on meeting the standards of the Land Use Ordinance; of which the following conditions may apply.

Approval: The approval by the BOA shall be for a period of one year of operation.

Renewal:  The Special Exception Permit shall remain in effect, provided annual reviews by the Zoning Administrator discloses that a lodging license has been obtained and is current, and that all requirements of the BOA conditions have been adhered to.

Operational Rules:  Operational rules shall be provided that establish guidelines that the tenants must comply with regarding, but not limited to; off street parking, garbage collection, occupancy limits, fireworks and excessive noise.  

Occupancy Limits:  The maximum number of tenants allowed to reside in the Tourist Rooming House for overnight accommodations shall not exceed two (2) persons per bedroom, plus 2 persons.

Local Contact:  A local contact person shall be identified that will be responsible to manage the property.  The property owner may be the contact person.

Contact Information: Contact information shall be posted on an exterior wall near the main entrance of the residence with a minimum display are of 5” X 7”. The following information must be provided:

Address of Property
Emergency Contact Information; 911, police, fire, ambulance
Owner’s and local contact persons’ telephone number
Maximum number of occupants allowed

Business Signs:  One business sign may be placed on the property with a maximum display area of 3 sq. ft.

Recreational Vehicles:  The use of a recreational vehicle in conjunction with the residence is prohibited.

Fines/Revocation:  Upon the occurrence of two (2) documented violations of the operational rules within a calendar year, the owner shall be subject to a fine and/or revocation of the special exception approval.

In addition to Special exception approval a Tourist Rooming House is required to have a State License along with necessary approvals from the Barron County Department of Health and Human Services, Sanitarian, including a State Lodging License.   

In conclusion; before you list your property as a Tourist Rooming House please understand this type of endeavor is a regulated use of property requiring, at minimum, a State License, Health inspections and Zoning Special Exception Permits.  If you have additional questions please call the Barron County Land Services Department, 715-537-6375.

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