Highlights of the March 20, 2017 County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Meeting Highlights:

Agenda Items:
#6Presentation from Judge James C. Babler, Criminal Justice Collaborating Council:
Judge Babler gave a presentation regarding the CJCC, with past, current and future goals.
A moment of silence was observed for former County Board member James, "Jim" Stavran, who passed away on March 4th.
#7Ordinance – Zoning Amendments:
The rezonings in the Town of Turtle Lake and Town of Stanley were passed as presented.
The rezoning in the Town of Crystal Lake was referred back to the Zoning Committee because the County received a rezoning protest petition.
#8Resolution Adopting Zoning Committee Recommendation to Deny Rezoning – RexAllen Brenizer:
The resolution denying rezoning was upheld.
#9Resolution To Designate April 3-7, 2017 Work Zone Awareness Week:
This resolution was approved as presented.
#10Resolution Authorizing Five, (5) Acre Land Sale, Town of Stanley to North Country Cheese, Inc.:
This resolution was approved as presented.
#11Resolution Authorizing $20,000 Transfer from 2017 Contingency Fund to Barron County Economic Development Corporation/Committee:
This resolution was passed on a 25 yes, 4 absent vote.
#12Barron County Waste to Energy Plant, Feasibility Study Power Point:
 12a. Financials: Finance Director Busch presented current and historical financial data pertaining to the WTE Plant.
 12b. Feasibility Study Power Point: Administrator French reviewed the Long Term Feasibility Study Power Point as prepared by Ayers and Associates.
#13Report from County Administrator:
 #13a. UW BC/WITC Parking Lot Rehabilitation: Administrator French presented the most recent cost estimates pertaining to this project.
 #13b. Tuesday Salad Bar: In 2016 County employees generated over $2,000 in revenue for the Tuesday salad bar.
All appointments were approved as presented.
Solid Waste Board: Supervisor Gores, Supervisor Hanson. Citizen Members, Bob Heil and Ken Scheps.
City of Cumberland Tax Incremental District #8: Supervisor Christensen.
#15Claims, Petitions & Correspondence:
Rezoning Protest Petition, Town of Crystal Lake, Island City Post No. 6769, VFW.
#16 Future Agenda Items:
Question for Ayers and Associates & Date for Q&A with them.

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