Mission Statement:

We at the Barron County Highway Department strive to attain our goal of keeping State and County Highways in the best possible condition for the safety and use of County Residents and Guests.

Programs & Services:

  • Issue Permits
  • Adopt-a-County Highway Program (Barron County Litter Control)
    • Applications
    • Signs
    • Safety Vests
    • Bags and Pickup
  • Ensure that Highways are in Safe Winter Driving Condition
    • Night-time Patrol from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM
    • Snow and Ice Removal
    • Salt/Sand Mixing
    • Snow Fence Installation for Drift Control
  • Implement and Maintain Information for Local
    • Road Improvement Programs Through State and Federal Agencies
    • Town Road Improvement Program (TRIP)
    • Municipal Street Improvement Program (MSIP)
    • County Highway Improvement Program (CHIP)
    • Highway Advertisement Signs (TODDS)
    • Agreed Unit Price for State Assistance (AUP)
  • Implement and Maintain County Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Distribute State and County Highway Maps
  • Maintain and Repair County Owned Trucks, Graders and Loaders.
  • Provide Fuel to Other County Agencies
  • Manages the Waste Oil / Antifreeze Collection Facility
Wisconsin Road Conditions Weather Alerts For Main Highways and the Interstate System (November-April)

Barron County Mailbox Replacement Policy

Mailboxes have been, and are, allowed on county highway right-of-way as a matter of convenience to the landowners or occupants, and not as a matter of right. A mailbox is an encroachment on highway right-of-way and is governed by Section 86.04 of the Wisconsin State Statutes.

Mailboxes accidentally damaged in the process of removing snow, mowing the right-of-way, graveling the shoulder, or any other act of maintaining the right-of-way, shall be the landowner’s or occupant’s obligation to repair or replace. Tubes or boxes for newspaper delivery are also covered by this policy.

All mailboxes shall be installed with the bottom of the box between 42 to 48 inches above the ground. All posts must be no larger than one and one half inches in metal diameter or 4x4 wooden posts. Heavy, ornamental, masonry or other receptacles filled with sand or concrete are not permitted. It is strongly encouraged that mailboxes be mounted on a swinging arm, as they will push out of the way and reduce damage done by maintenance vehicles.

Encroachment on County Highway Right-Of-Way

Per the Wisconsin State Statutes: Chapter 83.0 “County Highways” and Chapter 86.0 “Miscellaneous Highway Provisions”, notice is hereby given by the Barron County Highway Department to adjacent landowners of the liability for damages related to County Highways and County Highway right-of-way.

The Barron County Highway Department hereby notifies adjacent landowners who encroach upon the County’s highway right-of-way in the process of cultivation, harvest, fence replacement, grading, drainage, or other disturbance acts of the Wisconsin State laws pertaining to damages. The Highway Department will not be liable for damages to private property on County right-of-way for said encroachments. The County Highway Department is responsible via Wisconsin State Statutes for the maintenance of the County highway right-of-way corridor, and acts of encroachment detrimentally affect the ability to properly convey surface water storm drainage, the preservation and function of ditches and culverts, prevention of erosion of roadsides and roadbed materials, and can adversely affect the life of the pavement structure.

If a landowner is unsure of the location or width of the existing County highway right-of- way adjacent to their parcels, please contact the Barron County Highway Department at 715-637-3755 for assistance in determining the proper location of the right-of-way line and the limits of cultivation of their adjacent parcels. If needed, the Highway Department has an established permit procedure for the review of the work required to be performed on the County highway right-of-way.