Civil Papers / Process Service Information

Due to the amount of papers that are received, our office should receive documents to be served within a reasonable amount of time. Barron County Sheriff’s Department will make every effort to have documents served in a timely fashion within Barron County.

What to send for service:

  • One (1) copy of all paperwork for each person(s) to be served

  • Cost(s) in the form of check, money order or cashier’s check

  • Pre-posted return envelope must be included for return of the Certificate of Service

Important Information: 

  • We DO NOT give legal advice

  • We DO NOT accept faxed or emailed copies for paper service, except for restraining orders sent by other Government agencies; if payment is required for TRO service, payment needs to be made prior to service attempts

  • Physical address for person(s) being served must be provided; No PO Box addresses will be accepted

  • Prepayment of service is required, unless you are a government agency

  • Attorney/Petitioner/Plaintiff should make sure that the address where paper is to be served is in Barron County; if the Process Server has to find the street address, it will count as an attempted service

  • Our office does not forward certificates of service to Clerk of Courts, unless it is for a restraining order

  • All Writs of Execution, including evictions, require an indemnity bond in an amount approved by the Civil Process Server

Civil Process Fees Effective January 1, 2019:


Paper Service – Per Person

(Even if same address for service)

$75.00 (includes mileage & 3 attempts)

Paper Service – 48 Hour Short Notice

$50.00 additional charge

Additional Service Attempts

$25.00 (for any attempts over 3)

Sheriff’s Sale – Posted and Actual Sale


Writs (All parties at same address)

$100.00 (includes up to 2 hours of stand-by time)

Stand-By Time

$50.00 per hour

Extra Copy of Certificate of Service


Evictions/Writ of Assistance

$100.00 (Indemnity Bond required)

If you have any questions on papers to be served, status of service, or need to schedule or cancel a Sheriff Sale, contact Monica Olson at 715-537-5814 ext. 6725.