Waste Oil / Antifreeze Collection Facility

The Waste Oil / Anti-Freeze Collection Facility located at the Barron County Highway Department, in Barron, on the west side of STH 25 by the fuel island, is now open to the public. The collection facility is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and is continuously monitored by video surveillance cameras.

The facility is managed by the Barron County Highway Department. Users are ask to follow the instructions posted on the access gates. There are separate collection tanks for waste oil and antifreeze, and it is important these waste products are placed in the correct collection tanks. When using the site, residents are reminded to take the empty containers with them, close the lid on the tank, and close the gate. Barron County strives to provide a way for people to dispose of these waste products, and following the posted instructions will ensure that the site remains available all hours of the day.

By using this collection facility, residents will be helping to keep these products out of landfills and other non-approved methods of disposal that harm the environment. Once collected, these products will be recycled.