Environmental Health

Environmental health is a regulatory and licensing agency for food service establishments, public swimming pools, bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels, campgrounds, tourist rooming houses, recreational education camps, food vending machine operations, school food service programs, and tattoo and body piercing establishments.

Environmental health also investigates nuisance complaints, housing complaints, lead based paint hazards, well water quality, indoor air quality (including radon), and other environmental hazards.

Environmental health is an informational and educational resource for a variety of environmental health topics.


Environmental Health-Campground Outline 

            • Campground Regulations
            • ATCP 76 (Campground Code)
            • Inspection Duties of Environmental Health Staff

Food Protection

Environmental Health-Food Protection Outline

  • Food Code
  • Restaurant Code
  • Retail Food Establishments
  • Vending Machines
Hotel Room


Environmental Health-Lodging Outline

  • Hotel, Motel, and Tourist Rooming House Code
  • Bed and Breakfast Code


Environmental Health-Mold Outline

  • General Mold Growth Info
  • Preventing Mold Growth
  • Limiting Moisture in the Home
  • FAQ's


Environmental Health-Pool Outline

  • Construction of Swimming Pools (Department of Commerce)
  • Death and Injury Report Form
  • Fecal Accident Report Form
  • Lifeguard Staffing Plan
  • Monthly Swimming Pool Report Form
  • Pool Code ATCP 76
  • Virginia Graeme Baker Act


Environmental Health-Radon Outline

  • General Radon Info
  • Radon Health Risks
  • Where to Purchase a Radon Test Kit
  • Health Effects of Radon
  • Precautions


Environmental Health-Tattoo and Body Piercing Outline

  • Tattoo and Body Piercing Code

Water Testing

Environmental Health-Drinking Water/Testing Outline

  • Wisconsin DNR Drinking Water Page
  • Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene
  • CDC Drinking Water
  • Labs Available for Water Testing