Jail Division

The Barron County Jail is a 194 bed facility that was built in 2003-2004. Local jails like the Barron County Jail are highly complex organizations. On the most basic level, the jail must provide its inmate population a full array of services, including meals, medical and mental health care, clothing and linens, laundry, visitation, mail and telephone, recreation, religious programs, and access to courts and attorneys. Complicating this task is the diversity of needs within the inmate population, the daily processing of inmates through the intake and release functions, and the necessity of maintaining the safety and security of staff, inmates, and the community, which carries a high degree of liability.


Many of the services provided in the Barron County Jail are contracted services such as food service and medical services. Jail operations are overseen by Jail Captain Tim Evenson. The Barron County Jail has the following staff assigned to it in addition to the Jail Captain that provide a critical role in meeting the challenges of operating the jail.


  • 4 Sergeants
  • 22 full-time Jailers
  • 1 receptionist
  • 1 full-time transport officer
  • 1 Program Director


Are jails and prisons one and the same, and what exactly is the purpose of the jail in our community? With an emphasis on the role of jails in local communities, the video provided by the National Institute of Corrections and will answer those questions and more. It goes “Beyond the Myth?" to reveal what corrections really is, what it is not, and the important role it plays in promoting public safety. The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. Its mission is to provide training, information, and technical assistance to the nation’s jails, prisons, and community corrections facilities. For more information, please visit the NIC website at www.nicic.gov