Become a Volunteer Guardian

Every week, the Circuit Court Judges of Barron County hold guardianship hearings to appoint a person to make decisions for someone who is unable to do so for themselves because they are elderly or disabled.    Oftentimes the County has a difficult time finding guardians for these people who may not have family or close friends available to care for them.     For this reason, Barron County developed a Volunteer Guardian Program to recruit citizens in the surrounding communities who have time to manage the finances and make personal decisions for those unable to care for themselves.  
The program provides a bi-annual training module that covers the basics of advocacy and guardianship.   Volunteer guardians are also given a comprehensive reference manual with valuable resources.   In addition to the initial training and manual, the Register in Probate, Circuit Court Judges, Barron County Department of Health and Human Services and the Aging and Disability Resource Center provide ongoing technical assistance to a volunteer as needed.
Considering that volunteer guardians will serve a vulnerable part of our population, persons interested in becoming a volunteer guardian will need to submit an application - click on link below.   After an application is reviewed, the program coordinator will complete a personal and/or professional reference check, as well as a criminal background check. The final step in becoming a qualified volunteer guardian is an interview with the program coordinator.   Once this process is complete, this person’s name will be added to the database of available volunteer guardians.   Persons interested in becoming a volunteer guardian would not be asked to make a commitment until the above process is completed.  
You may be asking yourself, why should I consider becoming a volunteer guardian?   Volunteering in this program will give you the opportunity to meet a need in your own community for an at-risk population.   You will be able to reach out with a caring heart and hand to a person who likely is without family or close friends.   You will gain experience in nurturing, advocating and caring for another person who otherwise would have no one in his or her life.   Perhaps most importantly, you will receive satisfaction in making someone’s life better.  
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer guardian, please call the Barron County Register in Probate at 537-6261 for more information.   You can make a difference.