Land Division

The land division requirements and standards of the Land Use Ordinance apply for all unincorporated areas of Barron County. In these areas, any recorded document which creates a new parcel or a reconfigured parcel boundary must be reviewed and approved by the Zoning Office prior to recording. These documents include the following: deed, land contract, plat, certified survey map, condominium plat, or similar instrument.

In general, any land division creating a new parcel of 19 acres or less would require a Certified Survey Map or Plat (depending on lot size and number of lots). Lot size minimums are 1 acre (net) with 150 feet of width. HOWEVER, standards may vary depending on Zoning District, applicable municipal ordinances, inclusion in sanitary districts, or issues such as road access. State review is required for Plats as well.

If/when a land division is proposed, please contact our office. Staff is available to discuss options and applicable standards for individual properties.

When a Certified Survey Map or Plat is required, you will need to employ a Professional Land Surveyor (licensed in the State of WI) to complete these documents. Many of these individuals are knowledgeable regarding ordinance requirements and can also assist with helping you develop your land division plans.

List of Land Surveyors
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