Sanitary Maintenance Program

Barron County Sanitary Ordinance Section 17.64 and SPS 383 & 384, Wisconsin Administrative Code, require that owners of private sewage systems participate in a Private Sewage System Maintenance and Management Program.  All new or replacement sewage systems shall have the septic tank pumped by a licensed pumper within 36 months of the date of installation and at least once every 36 months thereafter, or when the sludge level reaches one-third of the liquid capacity of the tank.  This program requires that your septic tank (and filter if applicable) be inspected and pumped if necessary.  This requirement is designed to protect and improve public health, safety and groundwater quality as well as possibly prolong the life of the private sewage disposal system. 

Property owners will be mailed a notice at the three year interval and they are required to have the system pumped and/or inspected.  In order for the pumping or inspection to be properly documented, please submit this form to your pumper as the information at the top is necessary for proper reporting.