Real Property Lister


The position of Real Property Lister was statutorily created in 1961. Up until that time, assessors had been charged with keeping the rolls of property owners. In Barron County, a tax lister/addressograph operator had been keeping the records since before 1950. At present, the Property Lister works closely with our GIS Specialist in a variety of ways with a goal of having the most up to date records possible. ArcMap software is used to maintain all parcel mapping. Orthophotography obtained in spring of 2021 has proven to be a tool used on a daily basis. The public finds the orthophotography to be extremely helpful in getting an overview of land boundaries. All municipalities in Barron County have been mapped. Records were computerized in 1984, the same year that a mapper was hired to do parcel mapping.


  • Process documents dealing with land ownership
  • Update mailing addresses of owners of parcels in system
  • Maintain property addresses on parcels
  • Enter all split parcels upon the system, assigning new parcel ID numbers
  • Prepare work rolls for assessors
  • Enter valuation changes assigned by assessors into the system
  • Prepare assessment notices and assessment rolls for Board of Review
  • Process all changes generated at Boards of Review & Open Books
  • Enter mill rates and special assessments and charges into the system
  • Print tax bills, tax rolls and various reports of tax information
  • Assist public and other departments with locating parcels & parcel IDs
  • Provide information about assessment and taxation processes to the public


Wisconsin Department of Revenue publications (opens in new window) - contains many helpful documents including:

  • Agricultural Assessment Guide for Wisconsin Property Owners
  • Guide for Property Owners
  • A Property Tax Guide for Mobile Home Owners
  • Property Assessment Appeal Guide for Wisconsin Real Property Owners

Wisconsin Real Property Lister's Association (leaving Barron Co site)