Real Estate Taxes

Current year taxes are based on the previous year assessment, thus the 2023 taxes are due in 2024.

Payment made after the due date, will accrue interest and penalty on the unpaid balance beginning February 1st.  The interest rate is calculated at 1% per month and the penalty is calculated at 1/2 % per month. 

Payments may be mailed, but must be postmarked no later than the payment due date.

If a property owner sells property he has divided into two or more parcels, but the tax roll lists the property as it was described on January 1st (one parcel), the new owners may request a tax bill for their share of the tax on the parcel they purchased.  This should be done by written request to the town, city or village treasurer, no later than January 15th.

Lottery and gaming credits may be applied on owner occupied, primary residences.  If the taxpayer feels he/she is eligible for credit, but the credit is not shown on the tax statement, a late claim my be filed with the town, city or village treasurer.  This must be done by January 31st.  Please contact the Treasurer's Office if you have questions about the Lottery and Gaming Credit.

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