Land Information

A main focus of the Land Information division is to create and maintain map data in a Geographic Information System (GIS). This computerized mapping system allows for user-customized display of many layers of information. Much of our GIS data is available online on our GIS website. Click here to open a new window to this website. 

The division also serves as a mapping resource for other County departments, local municipalities, and various govermental/non-profit agencies by providing data files and creating maps.

Links: (Exit County website)
WI Land Information Association
WI State Cartographer's Office
Historical Aerial Photography
Wisconsin County & Municipal Web Mapping Sites

GeoData Wisconsin - statewide portal

Every 5 years, an updated Land Information Modernization Plan is prepared which allows the County to participate in the Wisconsin Land Information Program. This plan helps define the progress and goals for the division. A copy of this plan is available below.