Shoreland Documents

ATTENTION: If your construction project is on a waterfront lot OR on a lot entirely within 300 feet of the water, you will need to complete the Impervious Surface Calculation Worksheet prior to submitting a Land Use Permit application.  Your calculation results may determine that a Mitigation Plan be completed prior to the issuance of your Land Use Permit. 

Shoreland Mitigation Handbook Some land use activities may require shoreland mitigation.
Shoreland Mitigation Affidavit - Required for a mitigation plan; a $30 filing fee payble to the Register of Deeds must be included.
Worksheet No. 3 Floodplain Application This is an additional application for projects that involve construction of new structures, placement of fill, and modifications/improvements to existing structures located in a floodplain. This application does not have an extra fee but must be submitted along with the appropriate land use permit applications.