New GIS Website Application for Barron County

A new GIS website application is being launched today for Barron County!

After almost 20 years of service, the WGXtreme site is being retired by the Eau Claire area vendor at the end of 2023. The Beacon application from Schneider Geospatial, an Indiana company, has been chosen as our replacement; Beacon is also being implemented by several adjoining counties.

Please check out the new website! We hope you will find it to be well-designed and intuitive once you become accustomed to the change. There is additional functionality such as a multi-year imagery slider, and the map data is updated daily along with the ownership information. Department of Land Services staff have been working to ensure the new website will contain all of the existing functionality expected by site users and will be in close contact with the vendor through early 2024 to work out any issues.