Celebrating Barron County Centenarians

Barron County had the honor of celebrating six centenarians, including two semi-supercentenarians (those living longer than 105 years of age) at a luncheon held on November 15th at Turtleback Golf, Restaurant, and Event Center in Rice Lake.

When you are in a room full of centenarians, many of us are curious what their secrets to a long life are. Genetics only factor in about 20% of a person’s lifespan. Environmental and behavior factors the other 80%. This year, several local Centenarians provided us with anecdotal evidence on what has helped them live long, healthy lives. Those who have less stress, are more physically active and productive or have a great “work ethic” and are happier live longer. Our personalities also affect our longevity! Believing we have the power to live a healthy, happy life and also following through on healthy habits is very important. Below are seven common factors for living a long, healthy life echoed by our Barron County Centenarians:

  1. A positive attitude
  2. Healthy diet
  3. Physical activity
  4. Faith or spirituality
  5. Clean living, without drugs or alcohol
  6. A loving, supportive family
  7. Good genetics

Centenarians attending included:

Ann May Schweitzer
Centenarian Anna Mae Schweitzer (100)
with her son Herb
Effie Arnold
Centenarian Effie Arnold (100)
with her son Al and his wife Karen
John Richter
Centenarian John Richter (101)
with his son Patrick
George Richie
Centenarian George Richie (101)
and his daughter Anna
Mary Zappa
Semi-Super Centenarian Mary Zappa (105)
with her son Dennis and daughter Joyce
Ellis Amdall
Semi-Super Centenarian Ellis Amdall (107)
with his son Loren
Centenarians with French and Okey
Back row: Barron County Administrator Jeff French, John Richter (101), Effie Arnold (100), Barron County Chair Louie Okey, George Richie (101)
Front row: Anna Mae Schweitzer (100), Ellis Amdall (107), Mary Zappa (105)