Summmary Settlement

NOTE:  This guideline is provided only as a public service and is not meant to be legal advice.  The Register in Probate office cannot give legal advice; please contact an attorney if you have legal questions.

TO OPEN A SUMMARY SETTLEMENT:   complete and file the originals of the following:

PR – 1835 Summary Settlement Petition
PR – 1846 Waiver and Consent
PR – 1836 Summary Settlement - Order for Hearing and Notice
(optional; in most instances a hearing is not required)
Original - Will and any Codicils (unless already filed with the Court)
Filing Fee - Statutory inventory filing fee of 0.2% of the assets is due on the value of the assets or a minimum of $20.00 if the assets are less than $10,000.00

  • FILING THE FORMS:  be sure to complete ALL applicable sections of each form prior to filing them with the Probate office. 
  • NOTE:  if you need to be appointed Special Administrator, complete questions 8 and 10 on page 3 of the Summary Settlement Petition; see below.

TO CLOSE A SUMMARY SETTLEMENT:  complete and file the originals of the following:

PR – 1837 Summary Settlement – Findings and Order: 
make sure all sections of this form are complete, including page 3 under “Person(s) Entitled to Receive”.

TO BE APPOINTED SPECIAL ADMINISTRATOR:  complete the following forms and file with the Summary Settlement Petition:

PR – 1807 Consent to Serve
PR – 1852 Special Administration - Order Appointing Special Administrator: 
only required if the Summary Settlement Findings and Order is not signed immediately.
PR – 1853 Letters of Special Administration

A hearing may be required by the Court if you are requesting appointment with “all the general powers, duties and liabilities as personal representative”.  If you are requesting “specific powers”, a hearing is usually not necessary, but may also be required by the Court.

TO CLOSE THE SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION:  complete and file the originals of the following:

PR – 1854 Special Administration - Petition for Discharge
PR – 1815 Estate Receipt from heirs/beneficiaries
PR – 1855 Special Administration – Order of Discharge

CERTIFIED COPIES:  $3.00 for the certification and $1.00 for each page copied and compared.  If requested through the mail, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope together with the correct fee.

FORMS:  additional/duplicate forms can be found at: