Treasurer / Real Property Lister

Departmental Purpose:

The County Treasurer's office has the statutory responsibility for the proper handling of all moneys belonging to or in the custody of the county. These moneys are represented by various sources of revenue, that being: real estate taxes, state and federal aids and credits, grants, and various fees for services provided.

The Treasurer's office is charged with keeping a complete account record of the receipt of these revenues and the subsequent disbursement for expenses incurred and for the county's payroll.  All checks are disbursed from the treasurer's office.

A sufficient cash flow must be maintained at all times.  Any excess funds are invested by the county treasurer.  The treasurer monitors and evaluates investment opportunities allowed by County Board Resolution to maximize earnings but minimize the county's risk and exposure.

Services provided by the County Treasurer / Real Property Lister are listed below:

Real Property Lister

The Real Property description division is, besides encompassing a very exacting technical task, in large part the coordinating glue that brings together various land functions into an end product that is useable by other agencies and the public. This function assimilates the information coming from the Register of Deeds; the surveying, zoning and mapping departments, along with the Assessor and Treasurer functions, into a final accurate property listing. This listing is used as the raw data for the assessment and taxation process, and is therefore critical to the government using it.