Medical Examiner

Mission Statement:

To protect the interests of deceased individuals, their loved ones,  and the communities we serve.

Vision Statement:

The investigation of all deaths in Barron County are investigated with the highest professional standards in the field of death investigation.

Barron County Medical Examiner's office will participate in committees and organizations throughout Barron County to enhance public health and safety so as to reduce the incidence of preventable deaths.

A Medical Examiner System for Barron County:
In the state of Wisconsin, each county individually chooses between one of two death investigative systems: a Coroner System or a Medical Examiner System.  In general, a Medical Examiner System is one in which the office is supervised by a Medical Examiner, who is a county official appointed by the County Board of Supervisors.   In contrast, a Coroner System is supervised by a Coroner who is an elected official.  As of 1998, Barron County has adopted the Medical Examiner System.  Both systems, however, have the same authority under Wisconsin state statute. 

Statutory Responsibilities of the Medical Examiner:
The Medical Examiner's Office is a statutory office which is mandated to establish the cause and manner of death.  The CAUSE OF DEATH is the injury, disease, or combination of the two that was responsible for initiating the train of physiological disturbances (brief or prolonged), which produced the fatal termination.  The MANNER OF DEATH refers to the circumstances in which the cause of death arose, i.e., suicide, accident, homicide, or natural causes.

Guidelines for Notifying the Medical Examiner
Deaths meeting the criteria defined in Wisconsin Statute 979 must be immediately reported to the Medical Examiner. In the event that the injury causing the death occurred in another county, the Barron County Medical Examiner is to be notified and will refer the case investigation to the appropriate jurisdiction.  Read more...

Frequently Asked Questions
The Barron County Medical Examiner's Office Frequently Asked Questions.  Read more...

Please accept our sincere sympathy and condolences.  Our thoughts are with you and your family during this time.

Should you feel the need for outside support, our office can provide you with
names and contact information of several support groups.