Barron County Rifle Ranges

The use of the Barron County Rifle Range Facilities is a privilege that is provided to the public for responsible use and enjoyment.  Continued use by any individual or groups is subject to obeying the rule of the range and compliance with Section 42.17(2) of the Barron County Parks and Recreation Ordinance.

Owen Anderson Rifle Range - Town of Arland
790 9th Ave
Clayton, WI  54004

Barron County Public Rifle Range (Straw Pit) - Town of Maple Plain
530 29 1/2 Ave
Barronett, WI 54813


Barron County Rifle Range Rules of Use and Operation

  1. Must be 18 years of age to use the facility or be accompanied by a person 18 years of age. (If under the age of 18 must possess a valid Hunter's Safety Certificate).
  2. Weapons shall only be pointed and discharged down range.
  3. Use of binary reactive explosive targets (such as Tannerite) is prohibited.
  4. Use of 50 caliber centerfire ammunition is prohibited.
  5. Use of items for targets such as TVs, microwaves, or other furniture or appliances is prohibited.
  6. No weapons shall be discharged at any structure located at the range facility (such as bathrooms, shooting benches or roofs, signs or garbage cans).
  7. One hour time limit per individual or group of individuals.  (Anyone waiting to use the range can request you give up the range if you have been using for a time exceeding 1 hour).
  8. Be courteous and respectful of others and the facility.  Use of the facility is a privilege.


The range facility is under surveillance. Anyone violating the above range rules may be banned from using the facility; subject to a county ordinance violation of certain rules; or potentially be subject to civil or criminal prosecution.